Rotorsport, the UK agent for Autogyro aircraft, has unveiled the Cavalon Pro, planned to be the first gyroplane with a certificate of airworthiness. This will enable the gyroplane to be used for commercial aerial work.

“This stunning aircraft will be fitted with an EASA-certified Woodcomp variable pitch propeller, driven by a certified Rotax 914F engine,” said Gerry Speich. “With a massive 260 kg payload and 560 kg max takeoff weight, this aircraft is capable of carrying out many of the commercial photographic and surveying/surveillance tasks currently undertaken in the UK. Furthermore, with a fuel burn of one-third of the equivalent helicopter, and much lower noise footprint, we can offer a very green and very low cost alternative airborne vehicle.

“For the first time since the 1930s, gyroplanes will be able to perform aerial tasks in the same regulatory manner as any other aircraft type.”

Pilots and maintenance engineers will have to gain the appropriate qualifications which are now under discussion with the UK CAA. We understand that the CAA intends to be able to issue a commercial gyro licence or equivalent later this year. This will give a progression path for existing gyro licence holders, and a path which could attract sponsorship, grants or bursaries.

Gyroplanes must already be maintained by a licensed aeronautical engineer. Some of the existing RotorSport A3-7 engineers are licensed, and will be able to transition easily to cover this aircraft. Others will either have to train for this higher standard. Existing licenced engineers will be able to add this new type to their UK licence once suitably trained.

“The other benefit of this new aircraft is that it will provide a commercial goal for gyroplane pilots, not previously available<‘ said Gerry Speich. “And, of course, a market for CPL instruction. We╒re sure your current training providers are looking to create this resource, as are several current helicopter and fixed wing training organisations too.”

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