Paraplegic pilot Dave Sykes, who is flying his microlight trike to the North Pole, has had to delay the flight after injuring his right hand. Dave has landed at Flugplatz Grube, in northern Germany and is undergoing medical attention.

The news of the injury was reported on Dave’s Facebook page. In his usual determined way, Dave is still planning to continue the trip as soon as his hand is better. However, photos comparing his left hand with the injured and swollen right hand, and the news that he may have a fractured wrist, mean his supporters and friends – including us! – are urging him to postpone the flight indefinitely until he has completely recovered. As one friend said, the North Pole will always be there.

Dave Sykes hands
Dave Sykes’ left and injured right hand. “You decide Facebookers,” he said. We say, recuperate, get well, fly another day!


“I have a broken bone in my hand, it hurts A LOT!” said Dave. The injury came when Dave was doing a running repair to his specially designed wheelchair which fits on the back of his P&M Quik trike.

However, Dave is clearly worried about letting people down. “This flight has been backed by sponsors to pay for me to get there,” said Dave. “And [the flight] is close to the heart for my girlfriend Les and one of our sponsors, A. Davies Transport.” The flight is in aid of a charity, Martin House, a children’s hospice.

Dave Sykes trike Grube
Forlorn sight of Dave’s P&M trike parked at Flugplatz Grube, a small airfield in northern Germany. Photo from the airfield’s webcam.


Eddie Gold, one of Dave’s supporters since his epic UK-Australia flight, commented, “In the end, the Pilot in Charge, and that is you Dave, has the final decision and if you feel you can still do this then all power to you.

“No one doubts your abilities or courage, but the photos of your hand did show that we all worried about you. It is a great cause you are championing and we salute you for your bravery and professionalism.”

Dave Sykes’ Facebook page
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