Diamond Aircraft has launched a DA62 version of its special/multi mission MPP aircraft. It’s a development of its existing DA42 MPP which has sold more than 100 aircraft to commercial operators and government agencies.

Markus Fischer, Sales Director Special Mission Aircraft, Diamond Aircraft Austria, said, “After having delivered over 100 of our DA42 MPP Special Mission Aircraft to a variety of commercial operators and governments agencies worldwide, we are very pleased to expand our offering by introducing the next largest Diamond Surveillance Aircraft.

“In addition to the unique and outstanding features of the basic DA62, that include state-of-the-art Garmin G1000 NXi avionics suite with fully integrated three-axis automatic flight control system with flight director and yaw damper, heavy fuel capability due to proprietary turbocharged Austro jet fuel piston engines and advanced composite airframe technology, it is the cabin volume and payload capability of the DA62 MPP that will open new markets for Diamond surveillance aircraft.”

“The DA62MPP challenges significantly heavier and far more expensive conventional turboprop aircraft by combining high utility and capability with very low operating cost.

“The roomy fuselage provides an ergonomically optimised cabin for two pilots plus two operators and plenty of cabin volume for mission equipment and gear. A stronger Universal Nose carries EO/IR turrets up to 20 inch and 100 kg, the belly is designed for maritime or land radar applications up to 50 kg, and the newly designed SATCOM pod easily houses L-, Ku-, or Ka Band antennas.

“The combination of lowest operating cost with simple aircraft handling and a very low noise signature offers Diamond’s current and new special mission customers a significant competitive advantage.”

Diamond DA62 MPP
Cabin of the Diamond DA62 MPP. [All photos and video: Diamond Aircraft]
Diamond DA62 MPP

DA62 MPP Special Mission features

Equipped with twin turbocharged single lever FADEC controlled Austro Engine AE330 powerplants, the DA62MPP burns globally available jet fuel and allows 10 hour non-stop missions with a total fuel consumption of only 7.4 US Gal/hr (28 lt/hr) at loiter speed.

A specialised on top exhaust system that blends fresh air with engine exhaust and utilises the cowling to provide shielding of exhaust noise, assures ultra low noise and IR signatures.

The DA62 MPP platform, with an MTOW of 5,071 lbs (2,300 kg), offers a full fuel payload of 1,000 lbs (455 kg) for flight crew and mission equipment. The DA62MPP is available in customer specified paint finishes, including a matte grey finish to reduce reflections and observability. Comfortable and efficient mission management as well as plenty of space for additional mission equipment in the huge rear mission equipment compartment are benefits of the wide and long seven-seat cabin of the original DA62.

Special Mission Turnkey

Diamond has taken its MPP concept to a 360° turnkey solution, offering a single point of contact, from supply of the DA62 through integration and supply of sensors, data-links, ground stations, global support, spare parts, tooling, delivery and all corresponding pilot, equipment operator and maintenance training.