Exeter Airport consults on Class D airspace proposal

Exeter Airport

Exeter Airport has announced an Airspace Change Proposal Consultation to introduce Class D airspace and a CTA around the booming regional airport.

Deadline for responses to the consultation is Thursday 9 June 2017. All stakeholders and interested parties are urged to comment. The proposal is here.

The Airport management says that the current Class G airspace has led to reportable safety events, with unknown airspace users interacting with arriving and departing air traffic.

“While current operations are safe, there have been occasions where the prevalence of unknown aircraft operating near Exeter could have potentially led to a degradation of safety margins,” said the Airport.

“Consequently, this proposal aims to address this issue with the establishment of Controlled Airspace (CAS) surrounding Exeter to safeguard Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) traffic operations at the Airport and to ensure deconfliction between the air traffic operating near the Airport.

“Exeter wish to engage with all aviation stakeholders that might be affected by this ACP. Constructive feedback will inform the development of the ACP, ensuring that any positive impact is enhanced and negative impact is minimised.”

The CTA would affect operations at Dunkeswell Airfield, 11nm north-east of Exeter, although it is outside the Class D airspace. A Letter of Agreement (LoA) between Dunkeswell and Exeter ATC will cover General Aviation operations from Dunkeswell and access to the Controlled Airspace. Gliders operating from North Hill Airfield, 10nm northeast of Exeter Airport, would need a similar arrangement.