Cessna showed a Cessna Grand Caravan EX demonstrator at the Paris Air Show configured for a wide variety of special missions. Features include two hard points per wing which allow the aircraft to be armed.

The aircraft features a variety of special mission applications, such as a surveillance console and a medical stretcher, as well as a variety of cabin and seating configurations, including newly designed light-weight production seats in a half club configuration and a stowable utility seat.

“With a high percentage of our Caravan sales going into special mission roles around the world, this platform has proven to be a truly versatile multi-tasker,” said Dan Keady, vice president, Special Missions. “Having a fully equipped special missions Grand Caravan EX demonstrator in the market allows our customers to experience firsthand the extensive range of capabilities available on this platform.

“The Grand Caravan EX is particularly well suited for a wide array of operations due to its spacious cabin, high useful load of more than 3500lb. (1588kg), large cargo door and the ability to operate from short, unimproved surfaces.

“These aircraft have proven to be successful in a variety of special mission applications, including aerial survey, air ambulance, paratrooper, amphibious operations, surveillance, training and utility/transport. The Grand Caravan EX can also be manufactured with structural provisions for two hard points on each wing, allowing the aircraft to be configured for missions that require armament.”

Cessna Caravan medevac
Medevac interior for Cessna’s Caravan.

The demonstrator aircraft is making its global debut through the year with appearances scheduled in Europe, the Caribbean, Latin America, Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific.

Cessna Caravan