VIDEO Honda Aircraft Company has received multiple orders for the HondaJet from a new hybrid fractional ownership programme called FlyHonda, based in the Isle of Man.

FlyHonda joins two other HondaJet operators in Europe. European Aero Training Institute Strasbourg (EATIS), a flight academy located in Strasbourg, France, will launch a public transport under an Air Operator Certificate with a HondaJet this summer. Privateways, a boutique jet charter company in Geestland, Germany, began a charter service in April.

Speed record
In April, the HondaJet made its first-ever appearance at Aero Expo Panama Pacifico 2017. On its route to Panama, the HondaJet set a speed record, taking 3 hours and 7 minutes even with an average headwind of 35 knots. The HondaJet departed Miami at 2:40pm (EDT) and quickly climbed to 43,000 feet, allowing the crew to navigate over the weather and traffic. It arrived to the Panama Pacifico Airport at 5:47pm (EDT).

Honda Aircraft Company concluded the first quarter of 2017 with 15 aircraft deliveries. At the company’s world headquarters in Greensboro, N.C., production continues its steady ramp up to meet customer demand.