Being a business aviation operator is complicated – there’s a lot of different things to bring together and keep track of, especially if you are operating internationally and into airports you’re not used to.

There’s plenty of software, apps and websites out there that can help with various elements but now Jeppesen has launched Jeppesen Operator, a new online, cloud-based, platform that claims to be a self-service ‘one-stop-shop’ for business aviation operators.

Specifically, Operator integrates:

  • Flight planning
  • Runway performance
  • Weight & balance
  • Crew scheduling & management
  • Aircraft scheduling
  • Domestic and international trip planning and reporting (financial, maintenance and custom)
  • Customer account management
  • Real time pricing and cost accounting capabilities.
Jeppesen Operator
Jeppeson Operator Calendar

There’s more. Operator also ensures compliance with regulatory, business policy and procedures, and provides a trip check list. The check list is automatically generated and provides insight into the complexity and requirements for each trip and determines if additional resources are needed.

Operator is the result of a joint venture between Jeppesen, with 40 years of experience with flight planning and international trip planning, and  BoldIQ, which provides on-demand flight operations management for operators.

“The introduction of Jeppesen Operator represents the culmination of years of meticulous research and proven in-production software, understanding customer driven requirements and design work performed to create the next generation business aviation tool,” said Mike DiDonato, director, Industry Services, Jeppesen.

Jeppesen is aware that international trip planning can be difficult and there’s a button called ‘Concierge’ to summon extra help from Jeppesen’s global experts. They can assist with flight plans, permits, and handling arrangements, or to establish a line of credit. The idea is to eliminate anything that could jeopardise the flight.

Just in case you were wondering about the apps you use already, Jeppesen says Operator work with leading mobile apps already in use for navigation, electronic flight bag (EFB), and pilot operations. Airport, FBO, and vendor data for Operator systems is generated by the Jeppesen Aviation Database, the most comprehensive in the aviation industry.

“The complexities and real-time dynamic nature of on-demand aviation operations are significant and much more than many other industries we have seen,” said Roei Ganzarski, president & CEO of BoldIQ. “The combination of sophisticated industry proven technologies with in-depth experience-based know-how are what make the Jeppesen solution so powerful and applicable”.