Mooney has launched two new two-seat aircraft, powered by diesel engines, at the Airshow China 2014 in Zhuhai, China. They are the M10T and M10J, the first new models since the Texas, USA company was bought by Chinese businessman, Dr Jerry Chen.

The Mooney M10T and the M10J are both composite construction with the trademark upright Mooney fin. Both are powered by the Continental turbodiesel engines. The M10 is expected to gain certification and begin deliveries in 2017.

The M10T is aimed at the training market, both in the west and in China. It will be powered by the 135hp CD-135 Continental turbodiesel.

The M10J with retractable undercarriage will provide an upgrade from the M10T. It has more luxury and amenities and will be equipped with the 155hp CD-155 engine.

The M10J performance goals include cruise speeds greater than 170 ktas and a range of more than 1,000nm while maintaining a competitive market price. The “J” designation alludes to the M20J also known as the Mooney 201. The M20J is regarded amongst the most fuel-efficient single engine aircraft in its category, says Mooney.

“We designed the all new M10J model with longtime Mooney fans in mind,” said Dr. Jerry Chen, Mooney CEO. “The M20J helped change general aviation by making flying practical to more people across the US. Now, the M10J promises to do the same for the world. Not just in the US but also in China as its general aviation industry quickly develops.

Dr Chen continued, “These aircraft mark a new beginning for Mooney and are an indication of great product innovation coupled with Mooney’s long line of history making aircraft.”

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