Mooney Aircraft has revealed some more details about its two all-new aircraft announced recently. A third seat in the rear of the aircraft will be a feature of both of the new aircraft announced by Mooney recently. The company says it will be a useful feature for flight schools where a second student could fly as a passenger to observe (and learn) during the flight.

The two models are the M10T and M10J. The difference is that the M10T has fixed undercarriage and a 135hp engine and is intended for the flight training market. The M10J is a more luxurious model with retractable undercarriage, a 155hp engine, more performance and is also fitted with a Garmin digital auto-pilot. Both aircraft have Garmin G1000 avionics fully integrated with the aircraft’s systems, such as the engine, with the ability to download data after flights for analysis.

Both aircraft have essentially the same all-composite airframe, fitted with a roll-cage around the cabin to provide a safety cell in event of an accident. The emphasis in the cabin design has been to make it comfortable and to fit a range of size of people, and the company says it has employed the best ideas from the automotive world.

Now word yet of price for either aircraft, nor if they will definitely be built completely at Mooney’s Kerrville, Texas plant – or whether production will be in China. Perhaps it will be both – the Chinese general aviation market is poised for growth as the country’s previously restrictive airspace is opened up.

Mooney M10 features

Mooney M10 features
1 Carbon composite roll-cage for occupant safety
2 Optimised wing shape for safe low-speed flight as well as efficient high-speed flight
3 Mooney-style tail design for spin recovery
4 All-composite airframe for high strength to weight ratio
5 Sidestick controls for improved room and cockpit ergonomics
6 Two large doors for easy cockpit access
7 Wide cabin and best-in-class cabin design for flying comfort
8 Luxurious interior design using automotive standards to optimally seat pilots of different heights
9 Optional rear seat allows space for an additional student, passenger or luggage
10 Certified CD-135/CD-155 diesel engine for fuel efficiency
11 High performance Garmin G1000 integrated avionics (M10J comes equipped with GFC 700 auto-pilot
12 Single lever Full Authority Digital Electronic Control (FADEC) throttle control
Mooney M10

FAST FACTS Mooney M10T /M10J

Max cruise 160ktas/ 180ktas
Normal cruise 140ktas/ 160ktas
Range 500nm/900nm

Engine Continental, CD-135 producing 135hp/ CD-155 turbodiesel producing 155hp
Propeller MTV-6, 3-blade, FADEC controlled
Fuel Diesel or Jet A/A1
Capacity 42 US gallons

Wingpsan 33ft 5in
Length 24ft 6in
Tail height 8ft 5in
Cabin width 48in

Seats 2 front + 1 rear
Landing gear Fixed/Retractable
Avionics Garmin G1000/G1000 + GFC700 autopilot

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