Marenco Swisshelicopter (MSH) has announced a launch customer contract with Tronrud Engineering AS from Norway. The Swiss made single-turbine SKYe SH09 helicopter will be based in the Eggemoen Aviation and Technology Park, 60 kilometers north-west of Oslo.

Tronrud Engineering AS will operate the SH09 as a company helicopter and as a utility and logistics vehicle to support the development of the industrial park.

The multifaceted Eggemoen Aviation & Technology Park is the only one of its kind in the country, offering exciting opportunities for industrial development. Spread over a total area of 230 hectares, the industrial park employs more than 300 employees, with high technical competences both at national and international levels.

The Park operates with its own airport and benefits from a direct access by road and by train. Tronrud Engineering AS has since the 1970s been a helicopter pioneer and operator. Their initial interest was materialized at the Heli-Expo when signing a Letter of Intent in 2014.

Marenco SKYe SH09 helicopter

Olav Tronrud, CEO said, “The progress achieved in the past years with the engineering and assembling of two flying prototypes, with a third prototype due in summer 2017, and with the overall maturing of MSH as a company were the factors that lead to the decision of entering into a firm agreement.”

MSH now raises the count of the launch customers that will be part of the limited group of operators of the SH09 in Europe. Those initial and limited operators will benefit from exceptional conditions, equipment base and collaboration concept with MSH working closely throughout the program development and particularly for the phase-in of the helicopter into operations.

Marenco SH09
Cockpit view from inside the Marenco SKYe SH09 helicopter.

Marenco Swisshelicopter AG was founded in 2007 for the purpose of developing, building, commercializing and supporting a new generation of turbine helicopters. MSH developed the SKYe SH09, guaranteeing to the operator superior operational performance, safety and life cycle economics that make the difference.

Delivering best in class hot and high performance, the largest cabin/cargo volumes, outstanding modularity and latest generation electronic systems, the SKYe SH09 helicopter is built for the most demanding missions.

Marenco Swisshelicopter