More than thirty orders already for the new Eclipse EA700 twin-engine light jet confirms that One Aviation, owners of Eclipse, have made the right decision to upgrade the existing EA550.

The EA700 title was confirmed at this year’s EAA AirVenture Oshkosh for the slightly secret aircraft known as Project Canada.

Eclipse cabinThe upgrade is substantial. First, the aircraft is bigger with 14 inches on the length of the fuselage to make it a true six-seater. Next, the wingspan is four feet wider and has swept wingtips.

The engines are now Williams FJ-33, producing 1200lb of thrust, 30% more. And in the cockpit, a touchscreen controlled Garmin G3000 flightdeck is installed.

Williams FJ-33
New Williams FJ-33 engines give 30% more power.
Garmin G3000
Garmin G3000 flightdeck will be more familiar to many pilots.

All good, sensible changes and it seems buyers agree. Most of the 30 orders for the $3.6m are from existing EA500/550 owners who appreciate the aircraft’s climb rate, fuel efficiency and range. One Aviation says the EA700 will travel 1400nm with pilot and five passengers without needing to refuel.

Eclipse 700 rangeOne Aviation