British microlight maker P&M Aviation has launched a brand new single-seat flex-wing trike that will sell for under £20,000.

The Quik Lite had its public debut at the Spamfield Microlight Fly-In at Sandown Airfield on the Isle of Wight last weekend. It fits into the UK’s Single-Seat De-Regulated (SSDR) category with a maximum all-up weight of 300kg.

P&M’s Roger Pattrick said, “Following on from our research during the last couple of months, where we asked customers and dealers what they ideally wanted from P&M, we are delighted to be able to present the new ‘Quik Lite’ SSDR trike at the Spamfield Fly-In on 6 September.

“This Explorer trike will be presented in a new P&M Tango Orange colour mated with an original Quik wing and using a Rotax 582 oil injected power unit. Testing will also continue using a GT450 wing, with the plan to offer the trike as a cheaper entry level two-seat aircraft.”

Quik Lite Quik Lite Quik Lite Quik Lite

Max speed is 95mph, while a typical cruise speed would 55-60mph. Climb rate is 1100ft/min and stall speed 36mph. It’s powered by a 65hp Rotax two-stroke engine fitted with a Warp Drive 3-blade prop.

The base price of the Quik Lite is £19,995 inclusive of VAT with a host of optional extras available. It can be ordered now.

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